10 Top Places to Meet Good Men

If someone knew where to find the perfect man, they could make a fortune.  The search for a mate is still one of the hardest tasks that many of us tackle in our lifetime. For some of us, we may look for our mate in familiar places while others of us will go out of our comfort zone in an attempt to find the perfect man.  At this point, many of us have abandoned our search for the perfect man and we just want to find a good man that we can share our time with and possibly form a close bond.


In hopes of finding a good man, you may want to try searching for him in one of these places (in no particular order as all of us are unique so one place may appeal to you more than it does to me.)


iStock_000027630618Large Man jogging in NY1. Gym – If you are a physically fit person who enjoys outdoor activities, you may find your match at the gym.  Try visiting the weight room – the ratio of men to women is much more in your favor than in the cardio room.


2. Church – Join a singles group with your church to meet like-minded men who share your same moral beliefs.  Many of these groups have outings that take the pressure off of just walking up to a stranger and beginning a conversation.


3. Annual events and festivals – A benefit of attending one of these is that they will usually draw men who may not typically “go out” every weekend.  Grab a few friends and go enjoy the festivities while you are searching the crowd for a suitable man.


4. School – Just because you have finished your education does not mean you cannot take a class.  If you are interested in cooking, carpentry or classical literature, etc. register for a class.  You might just meet a sexy, smart man that shares your interests.


5. Volunteer – Volunteering is a great way to meet men who are passionate about community service.  Good values and morals usually follow a passion to serve others.  Give your time to a worthy cause and find a date for next week too.


6. Men’s clothing store – Most men avoid shopping online preferring to do their shopping in stores.  This is a good place for women to casually strike up a conversation or offer suggestions on matching items to see if this man may be good material, a good fit.


7. Friends and colleagues – If you are finding it hard to meet men, ask your friends and colleagues if they know a good man looking for someone special like you.  Blind dates can be exciting if you view them as an opportunity to meet someone new (and at least he is not a total stranger because your friend already knows him).


8. Tech store – Most men love gadgets and anything tech related.  They also love to talk about them.  Ask a question and you may be surprised how quickly he will engage in a lengthy conversation with you.


9. Auto show – What man would not love to find a woman who shares his interest in automobiles.  Even if your knowledge is limited, men love to explain their passion for automobiles to women who are willing to listen.


10. Dating sites – If all else fails, you may find a good man through an online dating site.  Just remember to use caution and be safe when meeting someone through an online dating site.

Good luck and good hunting!