10 Ways to Be More Appreciative

There are so many people in our lives that impact us – without even knowing it! How can we show all of these people just how much we appreciate them? Here are some little (but effective) ways to show your loved ones that you are grateful for their love, support, and for their kindness.

  1. Thank you notes. This may be an obvious choice but it is a dying tradition that shouldn’t be cast aside.
  2. Smile. A simple smile can really brighten someone’s day. If a stranger opens a door for you, saying “thanks” and pausing to smile at them (not in a creepy way, mind you) is a great way to reward his manners.
  3. Hugs. Don’t hesitate to give your loved one a hug. If you know that they’re not big into displays of affection, shake her hand instead.
  4. Actively listen to her. It is important for people to be heard. Instead of thinking of how her story applies to you (or a rebuttal), just listen to the words coming out of her mouth and give her your full attention.
  5. Say “thank you”. Even just the words are sometimes unexpected. Thanking someone doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Saying “thank you” shows her that you acknowledge her deed and you appreciate her sentiment.
  6. Be patient. We are always in a hurry. However, if you’re in a busy restaurant, you can show your waitress some appreciation by just being patient with her.
  7. Leave the place cleaner than when you found it. Sometimes we appreciate things other than people, like Mother Nature. I love camping and one of the ways that my family shows our appreciation to both Mother Nature and park rangers is by leaving the campsite in a nicer condition than when we got there.
  8. Go for a walk. The clean air will be good for your lungs. The exercise is good for your body. The “quiet” will be good for your spirit. You can use the time to just enjoy the scenery or reflect on your day.
  9. Enjoy your passion or hobby. There comes a time when you’ve just had a really rough week at work or perhaps you’ve finally finished with a big project. When that time comes, reward yourself (not with fattening food) with some quiet time to enjoy one of your passions or hobbies: read a good book, knit something, do some cross-stitch, write a poem, paint a picture, go on a hike, do some yoga on a mountaintop with your friends (this is truly invigorating), etc.
  10. Do something nice for someone else. Sure, this may not seem like a way that you can appreciate yourself but think about it… When you do good things for other people, it makes you feel good and boosts your self-esteem.



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