Be Determined, Driven, and Motivated

In order to get what you want out of life you have to know what you want and be determined to get it. We may have the motivation to be successful in life but in order to have the know-how necessary to achieve success; we need to acquire certain tools. These “tools” will help you in your quest while promoting your drive and helping fuel your determination.


1. Manage Your Time Wisely

2. Make Lists

3. Reflect Over Your Experiences

4. Be Confident

5. Learn Healthy Stress Management Techniques


These five things can be achieved in different ways. You just have to find the ways that can help you. Do you reflect better by writing in a journal, or just sitting back and thinking about your day? Do you need to take meticulous lists or can you make general to-do lists that keep you on track? What helps you to be more confident in yourself? Does exercising or meditating help you de-stress better?

Either way, these things will help you stay focused and help keep you on your path to success.



J. Bernardo

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