30 Ways To Become A Better, Healthier You

It seems like everyone is searching for ways to be healthier, wealthier and wise; however, is there a right way to obtain everything you want.  If you browse the section of self-help books at your local bookstore or library, you will find hundreds of books that offer to teach you to be a better person, live a healthier life, have a better sex life, take charge of your career or find satisfaction through mediation.


The key to becoming a better, healthier you is to make positive changes in your life that help you achieve your goals.  That may be to lose weight, exercise more, learn how to cook or work on your relationship with your spouse.  There are many small changes you can make that will add improve the quality of your life, bring you more satisfaction and overall contentment.


  1. Meditate
  2. Plan a trip with someone
  3. Spending time with family and friends
  4. Practice smiling
  5. Sleep more
  6. Practice gratitude
  7. Help others - volunteer
  8. Exercise more
  9. Spend more time outside
  10. Move closer to work to shorten your commute
  11. Cut out unhealthy foods
  12. Buy a pet
  13. Drink more water
  14. Take a money management class
  15. Eat more frequent, smaller meals
  16. Give up bad habits that have negative effects on your health
  17. Always start the day with a good breakfast
  18. Read more
  19. Take a class - - learn something new
  20. Use sunscreen every day
  21. Have routine health screens including visiting the dentist every six months
  22. Eat more fruits and vegetables each day
  23. Laugh out loud more
  24. Declutter your home, your life and your workplace
  25. Just say no – know your limits and stop taking on more than you can comfortably handle
  26. Make a to-do list to keep you focused
  27. Set goals and reward yourself as you reach each goal
  28. Sing and dance more
  29. Start a garden, care for it and watch it grow
  30. Count your blessings – You will be surprised how many things you can find to be thankful for when you begin to list them.  You will also find that it takes the focus off of negative things in your life.


Image credit:Asja Boros