4 Ways to Improve Time Management

Time management is something that people take for granted until they run out of it. However, if you look at people who consider themselves successful (especially professionally), time management is something that most of them have in common.  So how can you improve on your time management skills? I’ve got a few suggestions for you. One of them even involves a “Do not disturb” sign.


1. Plan for time to think/digest/attend to the unexpected/interruptions.


2. Carry a schedule with you all the time; a basic, weekly schedule should do. Make sure you can see just how much you have to do for the week, that way you won’t come upon any scary surprises.


3. Take the first 30 minutes of your morning to schedule your day. I like to do this the night before. Not only does it help me get to sleep faster but it also helps me get up in the morning (after knowing exactly how much I need to get done that day).


4. Put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door when you really need to get some work done.


5. Block out distractions (like Facebook or any social media). That may be hard to do (I should know) so try a tool like leechblock (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/leechblock/) which can aid in your productivity while sitting at your computer.


The key to time management is really buckling down and knowing what you need to get done beforehand. That is why if you only do one thing on this list let it be #3.



J. Bernardo

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