7 Things Men Find Attractive About Women

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Have you seen a couple together and wondered what one saw in the other? Finding someone attractive is completely subjective meaning that what attracts us to the opposite sex is purely a matter of personal taste.


Reputable organizations, popular magazines and others have conducted numerous studies and polls in an attempt to determine what attracts men to women. Some studies are clinical and designed to help professionals understand interactions between the sexes while others are purely for entertainment purposes. What does remain a constant is that men are attracted to women for different reasons. Some traits attract some men more than others; however, most studies agree that there are at least seven things men find attractive about women no matter what their age or personal preferences.


  1. Humor – Being able to laugh and understand humor is an attractive quality in anyone. We already know that men and women have different senses of humor; however, being able to share a good laugh and see the humor in situations is a trait that men find attractive in women. Men love a woman who can laugh at herself.


  1. Confidence but not arrogance – Men are drawn to confident women because they are strong and self-assured. However, men do not appreciate women who are arrogant or condescending. There is a difference in being self-assured verses having a high opinion of yourself. Be confident and your uniqueness will shine through.


  1. Reliant – Men do like to take care of women and like to feel as if they are needed. However, a woman who cannot do anything for herself is high-maintenance and exhausting. On the other hand, women who must be in total control are a turn-off for most men.


  1. Spontaneity – Being able to pick up and run off for a weekend is romantic and spontaneous. Women who must plan everything to the minute stifle many men. When a man must wait an hour or more for his partner to get ready before he can enjoy a spontaneous trip to the movies on a Saturday afternoon, he may get annoyed and frustrated if this happens every time he wants to be spontaneous.


  1. Intelligent – The saying “brains is beauty” does hold truth for some men. Men are attracted to bright, intelligent women just as women are attracted to intelligent men. Being able to have a mature, well-informed conversation about serious topics is something men search for in a partner.


  1. Nurturing – There is nothing better than being taken care of when you are sick or feeling down. Men are attracted to women who can take care of them when needed. Subconsciously, they may feel this is a good match because this woman will be able to take care of his children. However, men do not appreciate being “mothered” as there is a difference between someone taking care of you sometimes and smothering you all the time.


  1. Physically fit – Men are driven by visual stimulus; therefore, it is only natural that men are attracted to physically fit and attractive women. However, the image that Hollywood believes is attractive may not be every man’s perfect woman.


We all search for that one person who will fulfill our dream of the perfect partner. It is good to remember that one’s man princess is another man’s shrew.



 Image credit: Celestine Chua