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Bob Perks is President of Creative Motivation and has been speaking and writing for over 25 years, touching the lives of millions of people.

Bob is the author of "The Flight of a Lifetime" an inspirational story based on actual events And "I wish you enough!" a collection of his writings published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

His inspirational stories also appear in NY Times bestselling books such as Chicken Soup for the Soul. These include: "For the Grieving Soul," ..."The Father's Soul," "The Volunteer Soul," "The Prisoner's Soul"..."Best of 15th Anniversary Stories of Faith."

Also featured in: "More God Allows U-Turns", "Stories for a Woman's Heart", "Grand Stories", "Stories for a Teen's Heart", Touched by Angels of Mercy", and "Pet Tales" audio CD.

Bob shares his work through weekly messages sent out two to three times each week, titled, “I believe in You!”


Bob hosted television and radio programs in the Northeast for decades and worked in Hospice for 8 years training volunteers to assist families through their grief.

His over 25 years in the nonprofit sector has provided firsthand knowledge in the development of programs designed to create more productive volunteer placement and training for many regional, civic and community organizations.

As an inspirational speaker and corporate trainer, he has addressed meetings, conferences, and civic organizations across the U. S.

As a consultant with the State of Pennsylvania he presented communications and motivational programs, thousands of state and municipal government employees.

His expertise is in the areas of motivation, people skills, communication, change, stress management, the gender difference, public speaking and listening skills, as applied to business and personal development.


Bob is available for a limited number

speaking engagements each year.

Use the Contact    page to check on available dates and rates.

Bob is also available to speak to qualified  local non profits, churches,

clubs, and civic organizations within 60 miles of his home.


Here are a few of the comments from audience evaluations:

"Excellent speaker.  His connection with his audience is immediate."

 "Bob's success as an inspirational writer makes him an excellent story teller."

"His talks are like a roller coaster ride of emotions."

"His singing voice is good enough for Broadway!"

"Not another "talking head."

"Bob is lively, animated, upbeat and unpredictable!"


Comments from Bob's previous clients:

AFLAC:  "Thanks for your dynamic and emotional presentation...At the end of a long day and before an evening of festivities you managed to hold everyone's rapt attention for the full hour...and could have held it longer without anyone noticing.  You finally became a part of  our AFLAC family."   Randall Simms State Coordinator AFLAC


"I have had numerous requests from individual board members to have you speak at their county and regional association meetings, to bring their peers your message of hope, creativity and your positive approach to issues of the day."

George Klaus, Dir. Edu. & Dev. Pa. State Association of Boroughs.


"I want to thank you for the excellent presentations at the Staff Development Conference.  The Friday night session scored 4.75 (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.) and the Sunday session rated a 4.91.  Fantastic!!!" 

John Eckes, Dir of Ed/Public Relations , Maryland Credit Union League


"Wow!...thanks for a great job!  The evidence is in the pudding - and our cup runneth over (if you allow me to mix my metaphors).  You have a wonderful stage presence.  Our folks are still raving about you." 

Paul Luthman, Pastor, Convenant Presbyterian Church, World Missions Conference.