An Inspired Way to Help Your Business Grow. Hint: It’s About How You Act.

When it comes to building your business, there are many variables involved: monetary and other. Sure, money is important but there are things that are more important than having *all the money*. After all, if you’re just starting and you’re a small business, you could cut back on certain things in order to fit into a budget (ex. work out of your garage/den/basement/attic instead of out of a rental office).

After you’ve organized your finances and you get your business settled and ready for take-off, one thing becomes more important for growth: you.

You are the most important asset. You become one of the most important things about your company. What you do and how you act suddenly become more important for morale, advertising, etc. Yes, you can help your business grow by just changing how you act around the office.


Be visible.

Actually showing up at the office or the storefront and being visible is important for the morale of your team. In addition, if you show up to the storefront you can show your customers and clients that the figurehead isn’t just some stuffy person who sits behind a desk but an actual human being that is down-to-earth (or however you wish to portray yourself).

In addition to being visible, you must also be credible. When you’re not at the office, you should be improving yourself. Personal improvement helps you bring innovative ideas to the office. In addition, you should always be learning about your field and market. This is a constant process that you must be on top of.


Miscommunication is kryptonite.

You have to make sure that the messages that you’re sending out are clear and consistent. That means every message: verbal, visual, body language, etc. Don’t tell someone to do something one way and do the opposite when they have their back turned. Mixed messages are a horrible way to run an office.

If you’re having trouble balancing the “get-stuff-done/laid-back” feel that you want at the office, there are few things that you should consider:

1. Take a good look at your priorities for your office and make sure that everyone knows them.

2. Take a look at how your motivation techniques for your team.

3. Make sure that each member of your team feels needed and important.


Be passionate and reach for the “best” practices and ideas.

Be passionate about your work. Your passion will emanate from your work and will be contagious. If you love your work, it will be obvious to your team and your customers and/or clients. This passion shouldn’t just be for the finished product but on continuous education (for you and your team – this will keep from having stagnant ideas).

I want to emphasize the importance of learning the best practices and using the best ideas from your team. Note that you should always listen to and consider every idea from your team. That might seem tedious and time-consuming but it is important. Keep in mind that the best ideas are often an amalgam of many ideas.



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