Stop Being Negative

What if I like being negative? What if I embody Maxine or what if Grumpy Cat is my hero? Although, if I were a cat, I would probably be grumpy too when “the humans” dressed me in those silly outfits and forced me to pose constantly for pictures to plaster all over the internet. 

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7 Things Successful People Never Do

If you have ever read an article or watched a news clip about someone who seems to have it all and wondered how he or she did it, you are not alone. We all want to know what magic ingredient makes someone more successful than another. Is it their personality or education? Could it be their physical location or possibly their parents? The truth is that successful people come from all walks of life.

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The Risk of Sitting Too Long

Get up an MOVE!!! Sitting too much has been linked to an increased risk of heart failure.  A recent study shows a link between what is being referred to as “sitting disease” and heart failure.  The study determined that the risk of heart failure doubled for men who sat for five hours each day exclusive of their working hours.  The Mayo Clinic reports that the adverse effects of sitting too long go far beyond just an increased risk of heart disease.

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