Life Coaching For Women Client Agreement

  1. I understand that a Life Coaching For Women coach will provide one-on-one phone coaching during our coaching sessions.
  2. Each phone coaching session will last 50 minutes.
  3. Payment is required prior to each coaching session.
  4. Session cancellations and/or rescheduling must be made within a minimum of 24 hours before any scheduled coaching session by email: If no notice or late notice is received your coach will be disappointed and your session will be lost and no refunds will be given. Remember, your time slot is set aside for you. So if you don’t give the required 24 hour notice in time then that time slot goes to waste and could have been given to someone else.
  5. At any point, you the client can stop the coaching session and you can terminate the coach- client coaching process at anytime. The Coach can also terminate the coach-client coaching process at anytime. In the event of termination, no compensation will be granted on sessions used up to that point.
  6. I understand that coaching sessions cannot take the place for professional advice by a Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Financial or Business Person, or any other qualified Professional Person.
  7. Coaching does not involve the diagnosis, therapy or treatment of any kind. If you are seeing a Doctor for mental health or other health or non-health reasons, please consult with them first to get permission to see a Life Coach.
  8. It is the role of the Coach to act as a guide during the coaching process. The results that will come from the sessions will depend solely on the responsibility you take for taking action and making the necessary changes you are trying to achieve.
  9. The Coaching sessions are 100% non judgmental and confidential unless required by the law.