The Benefits We Can Bring To Your Life Once You Hire Us As Your Life Coach


Life coaches, like counselors and therapists, may choose to specialize in a particular area.  Life coaching is about focusing on specific goals and making positive changes in your life to attain that goal.  Therefore, some life coaches choose to concentrate their practice to help individuals who are struggling with a specific issue.  By focusing their practice on a specific area, they can concentrate all of their efforts and resources to helping clients reach their goals.



The Life Coach:

A life coach is someone who is interested in helping you discover what you want in life. Unlike other therapies or counseling, life coaching is not rooted in past issues or events but is focused on moving forward and developing a positive mindset.  Life coaches are not concerned as much about what you have been through or the past but where you are now and what you want in the future so that they can help you develop a plan to get there.

Coaches do not offer advice.  They offer  strategies and provide a safe place to explore the vision you have for your life.  By asking questions that require you to think in a new way, life coaches help you find your own solutions.  A life coach is a partner - - someone who provides support, motivation and accountability as you turn your vision into reality.

Think of life coaching as a driving instructor - - she is not doing the actual driving nor is she telling you where you want to go but she is there to provide support as you move toward the place that you want to be in your life.


The Health & Fitness Coach:

We help women that are struggling to lose weight and help them to try and stick to a healthy lifestyle in order to shed unwanted pounds and feel amazing! We help them make a lifestyle change not just a weight lost change.

The need for health coaches has increased dramatically as Americans realize that their unhealthy lifestyle choices are increasing their risk for developing chronic diseases and is interfering with their overall enjoyment of life.  A health coach, also referred to as a wellness coach, focuses on positive health choices.  A health coach is not a personal trainer or a dietician.

She will not tell you what you should do but will help you identify specific health-related issues that you want to address, set goals and develop a plan to reach those goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.  Health coaches use a variety of tools to motivate and support clients as they modify their current behaviors and begin to make healthier choices.


I feel so healthy!

The Finance Coach:

Finance coaches are trained to see what you might have missed in managing your finances.  We all have difficulty managing our finances at times and having a finance coach who can step back and look at the big picture without the anxiety and emotional stress that accompanies financial problems helps identify areas that might need improvement.

Finance coaches can help you set goals and develop a working budget so that you can navigate through a financial crisis, eliminate debt and establish a plan for retirement, college or other life-changing event.

The Relationship Coach:

We help women that are having trouble finding and keeping a good man to become the kind of woman that is open to love and to attract the man of their dreams and keep the man of their dreams happy.

A relationship coach focuses her practice on helping individuals and couples develop better communication skills to build loving, close relationships with each other and others.  Relationship coaches help identify things that are holding clients back from having balanced, healthy relationships.  It may be an intimate relationship with a partner, problems with maintaining friendships or even issues with meeting new people and making connections.  


Relationship Coach

The Communication Coach:

Communication coaches can help anyone who is having trouble with communication skills. From dealing with co-workers to communicating with your spouse or complete strangers, communication coaches help clients learn how to communicate more effectively and learn how to voice concerns or complaints in ways that are not offensive to the other party.

Through various exercises, clients learn how to become more confident when speaking to others and learn skills for dealing with situations where good communication skills are necessary to avoid problems or achieve goals.


The Parenting Coach:

We help parents that are at their wits end with their children. We teach them what to say and what to do with their kids in order to turn their children into well behaved individuals who are able to lead successful lives. We help parents create balance in their homes. we help clients raise happy, healthy kids.

A parenting coach works with parents on an individual and family basis to help parents identify specific goals they want to achieve as parents, identify parenting challenges and develop a plan to make positive changes in parenting styles that will benefit both the parent and the child.

Some types of issues that parenting coaches help to resolve include kids who act out, homework struggles, teaching chores and responsibility, peer issues, parenting differences, negative attitudes and bedtime battles.  A parenting coach will offer skills and tools that help parents resolve issues and make positive changes in their lives and the lives of their children.


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The Success Coach:

We will help you overcome inner blocks that are stopping you from reaching your personal and professional goals. We will help you build confidence and get others to follow your vision. We work with clients who need guidance or a little push in whatever area in life they need direction in.


The Business Coach:

Business coaches typically have a business background in addition to training as a life coach.  Business coaches help small business owners develop, start and grow their small business.  They do this by helping the business owner focus on general planning issues such as the administrative part of owning your own business, marketing your business and financial planning.

Your business coach will help you define specific business goals and develop a strategic plan for attaining those goals.  They help business owners look at the big picture rather than simply focusing on one or two negative issues.  A business coach helps clients identify what business management skills they need to strengthen while offering support and motivation as the client works toward each goal.

group of business people

The Motivational Coach:

Motivational coaches are more than just cheerleaders.  These coaches help you discover the roadblocks and boundaries that are in your way because of your own negative thoughts and outlook.  Motivational coaches help turn “I can’t” into “I can” by giving you the tools you need to turn negative thoughts and actions in positive steps toward your vision of who you want to be and what you want to do.

Motivational coaches do not teach clients that they will never have failures or that success can be obtained without some setbacks.  However, motivational coaches do help clients see setbacks and failures as a way to learn something that will take them one-step closer to their goals and the vision for their life.  Helping clients remain motivated and taking positive actions that take them closer to attaining their goals is an important part of motivational coaching.

The Christian Coach:

A Christian life coach focuses on helping individuals gain a deeper relationship with God through personal growth and a commitment to faith-based principals.  Christian coaching applies the principals of life coaching to your daily walk with God.

It helps you identify issues that interfere with your Christian faith and develop a plan to grow closer to God.  A Christian coach may or may not be a minister but they typically have some type of training as a minister or teacher.

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The Career Coach:

We work with people who may not like their job, and we help them discover their personal strengths and interests. The goal here is to help clients go out into the work force and get the job that they truly want.

A career coach helps you discover what it is that you want to do with your life and develop a plan to turn that into reality.  Often we choose a career based on the income that we desire or because we have no other choice at that time but we are not truly happy with what we are doing each day.  Other times we are working for someone else to make their vision a reality rather than concentrating our efforts on turning our own vision into reality.

A career coach can help you figure out what job you truly want and then help you develop a step-by-step plan to get there.  Career coaches also help those who want to advance in their careers or change jobs but need the support and motivation of someone trained to guide them through the steps to make their vision a reality.


Is Coaching Really Worth The Investment?

Can you put a price tag on spending every day doing something you truly enjoy, making more money or having a passion for something that surpasses anything you have experienced in your life?  This is what life coaching can do for you.  Your life coach will help you discover what you truly want from life and then help you develop a plan to achieve your goal.  Life coaches provide the guidance, motivation, support and accountability that you need as you make positive changes to attain your goals.
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