Dating Sometimes Can Be Complicated

If you ask most individuals who are in a committed relationship if they would voluntarily enter the dating world again, they will tell you that they hope they never have to go through the dating process again.  Of course, that is probably because they are in love with their partner; however, it is also partly due to the complicated dating environment that many singles must endure in the search of the perfect mate.  Dating has changed in the past few decades because of a variety of reasons including changing morals, the introduction of internet dating websites and the use of social media.


I am sure that we all miss that feeling of falling in love, holding hands for the first time or the rush of that first kiss.  Attraction is a powerful stimulant; however, that feeling wears off and you are left with the “real” person that you must get to know.  Dating can be a complex dance where both individuals are trying to figure out how to avoid stepping on each other’s toes as they move through intricate steps involved in getting to know someone.


Some situations that make dating complicated


Dating is as thrilling as it is terrifying - - much like riding a roller coaster.  You are both nervous and excited at the same time.  However, there are some situations that making dating even more of a complicated dance than it already is under normal circumstances.


When is dating complicated?


Single parents – This always is a complicated dating situation for both parties.  Most people assume that it is complicated for the parent; however, it is also a complicated dating situation for the person without children.  The single parent is not only sizing this person up as a potential parent but also as a potential stepparent.  This creates a lot of pressure for the single person as he or she must develop a relationship with the parent and the children.  To help reduce the stress, decide now if you can handle a relationship involving children.  If not, then do not begin one, as everyone will end up getting hurt.


Divorces – This can add extra pressure to any dating situation as the person who has been through a divorce may carry significant emotional baggage.  While not everyone comes through a divorce with a damaged view of dating and relationships, it does take time to heal from the emotional stress of ending a marriage.  Jumping into the dating pool too quickly can cause unnecessary complications for both you and others.  Give yourself time to heal and then venture out once again.  Dating is fun and you should not feel as if you are being forced to endure a root canal.  On the other side, if you are dating someone who has not let go of their “ex,” you may want to back away unless you like dating the “ex” too.


Online dating – Online dating has made it easier to meet someone who shares your interests and values; however, it has also made it easier for some people to be dishonest.  Online dating is not inherently evil but some people are just plain dishonest.  You must be cautious when beginning a relationship online because as Brad Paisley says, “I’m so much cooler online.”  Just as with anything else online, use common sense and do your research to avoid being taken advantage of by a fairytale prince.


Mature dating – This seems like it should be much less complicated than dating when you are young because you know yourself better, are more self-confident and your children are probably already grown and out of the house.  However, adult children can sometimes be much more difficult to deal with because they are productive of their parents and they view a new person as a threat to the memory of or the position of their other parent.  Furthermore, mature adults also must deal issues related to accumulated wealth and assets as the relationship becomes more serious.


Some people say that dating is for the young; however, I prefer to believe it is for the young at heart.  Opening your heart may result in a few dings and dents but it also brings great joy and satisfaction.


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Image credit: Nattu