Great Ways to Relax Your Spirit and Reduce Stress

Prior to learning how to relax your spirit and reduce your stress, you must first learn how to identify when your body and spirit is under duress. This will allow you to decrease its impact on your daily activities. Being stressed out has become a regular habit for most of us, so we have forgotten what being relaxed and having a fresh spirit truly feels like. To imagine what being stress free should feel like; imagine the smile of a happy child. This amount of light joy is a type of spirit relaxation that most of us have abandoned as adults.


If you are unable to find a sense of calm a in your daily life, stress is likely the root cause. A quick way to discover your level of stress is to note the tenseness of your muscles as well as your breathing patterns. Being aware of how your body reacts to stress can help you manage the tension levels in your body and spirit. When you are in a good mood, you smile easily; similarly, your body will give you clues when you are suffering from the effects of stress.


There are several techniques available that can help you relax your spirit. Depending on your personal preferences, one may work better that the other. Meditation and yoga are on the top of the list. While these are great for long term stress relief and spirit refreshment, often faster acting methods are needed for on the spot stressful situations.


A quick way to help relax your spirit is to engage your senses, they can help you quickly calm you and refresh your mind. To start, first find out which of your senses help calm you the most. There is no right or wrong way, and different methods work for different people.

Placing uplifting and soothing images and decorations around you are best if your mind is calmed by visual input. If you are not in a set place, such as your home or office, try closing your eyes thinking about things that you enjoy. People that love music can listen to soothing tracks or instrumental music to help calm their senses. White noises, as well as sounds from nature have proven helpful in many cases. For some, the olfactory, or put simply, their nose, is the key to finding calmness within. If you have strong reactions to stress, consider using lightly scented candles or incense.

While remembering how to use your senses to reduce your stress and relax your spirit during an argument or meltdown is not possible all the time, it is a great option to utilize for regular stress management. Like anything else that you have learned to do well, it must be practice regularly. The more you implement these methods, the easier it will become to relax in tense situations. Using your senses to relax your spirit will also become second nature which will have a positive effect on your overall state of health.


Photo Credit: Hellogreenway (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons