Have a Healthy Attitude About Life

I have raised teenagers and I can attest that teenagers and attitudes go hand and hand.  When I tell my teenagers they need to adopt a healthier attitude, they look at me as if I have asked them to figure out how to turn dust into gold.  My teenagers have not yet discovered that they are in control of their attitude.  Regardless of what is going on around them, they have the power to decide how they will react to a situation rather than allowing the circumstances to control their reactions.  This is the key to having a healthy attitude about life - - realizing that we have the power to have a healthy attitude about life by assuming responsibility for our thoughts, actions and words.


Having a healthy attitude about life is much more than seeing a glass half-empty or half-full.  Our attitude begins with our thoughts and the feelings that accompany those thoughts.  We will encounter circumstances as we move through our lives that are difficult to handle and cause stress or anxiety.  However, we have the power over our emotions and thoughts and that is what leads us to a healthy attitude even during these times of stress and anxiety.  Instead of complaining about losing my job, I have the power to control my thoughts in a more positive manner by channeling them into finding a better job.  Keeping my thoughts focused on what I can do rather than what happened helps me respond to a negative circumstance in a positive manner with balance and control.


By thinking that I can find a better job, I turn those thoughts into positive actions and words.  Attitude is much more than just a state of being happy.  I may be sad, scared or anxious about losing my job; however, I choose not to let those thoughts and emotions control my actions and words.  This gives me power and control over a bad situation and that translates into a healthier attitude toward life.


Having a healthy attitude about life has many benefits.  When you have a healthy attitude about life, you are likely to be more physically fit and healthy because you are less likely to experience long periods of depression or anxiety.  You are likely to take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet and exercising.  You will also find that a healthy attitude will improve your relationships with others because you are in control of your emotions and are better equipped to handle negative situations when their arise.  People with healthy attitudes make better decisions about their career choices, education and lifestyle choices.


There may be times when it seems that you are powerless over your emotions and the goal of having a healthy attitude is unattainable.  WomensHealth, a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has a wonderful publication entitled “Mental Health” that provides information about maintaining a healthy mind during all phases of life.  If you are struggling with having a healthy attitude, it is a good resource for understanding how to achieve a healthy mind and therefore a healthy attitude.


Image credit:  Pusteblumenland