How To Raise Happy Healthy Kids

From school to TV, your kids are being bombarded with negative ideas and subjects every day. That makes it hard to raise happy, healthy kids. If you insert yourself into everything that they do, you invade their space and are seen as being involved in everything in their world.


One secret key to raising happy, healthy kids is to be a good role model. When they are young they idolize you. They watch you work hard for them and they watch as you go about your day. They watch how you act. They learn by example, not by just being told not to do certain things. So spend time with them and show them what it takes to be happy and healthy. Make vegetables fun. Don’t reward them with candy, television, or video games. Instead reward them with books, fruit, a fun game of exercise, or time spent with you.


Be excited when they come into the room with some discovery (or because they just wanted to see you). Show them that they are loved and make sure that they know they can turn to you. Be a mother or father figure to them instead of just their friend. They need a good role model – someone to look up to.


Image: “Robert Whitehead”

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