Life Coaching For Women coaching packages will vary since some life coaching sessions can be solved quicker than others. For example, some may only require seeing a coach for 2 or 3 one on one sessions and other sessions may take 3 to 6 months depending on why you are seeking a coach. Give us a call or sign up for a FREE consultation to see how long you would need to work with a Life coach. If you know which coaching package works BEST for you, then sign up for one of the coaching packages!

Free Session

One key thing to remember when you are looking for the right life coach, you want to make sure their training, skills, and personality match what you are looking for. That is one reason why Life Coaching For Women offer a 15 minute FREE consultation. To help you see if we are the right coach for you. During the 15 minute free consultation:
  1. You will share with the coach who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.
  2. You will learn how coaching can help you.
  3. You will learn how you and LCFW will work together.
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Get Started

At Life Coaching For Women all of your Life Coaching sessions are confidential.

Let me say this, None of our coaches will do the work for you. They will guide you, hold you accountable, but you will need to commit to putting the effort into executing your plan or goals. If you do not commit to doing the work, then you will not be successful in reaching your goals. We use know gimmicks. We will offer practical strategies and tools that probably will take you out of your comfort zone, but if you are ready to focus and work at achieving your dreams, then we are the right Life Coaches for you. YES, this is an investment to get your life off to a great start…

Packages & Pricing

    • One Session w/ Coach

    • $95

        • One hour long private phone session
        • Identify the patterns/things that are keeping you stuck
        • Begin to lay the foundation for your personalized plan
        • This session will help you see what it is like to work with us
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    • Kick Start Package

    • $350

        • This is a one month package
        • 4 Private phone coaching sessions(45 minutes each) with a coach
        • One weekly call to help you stay on track
        • Work together to gain clarity of what you are trying to accomplish or get one special topic training session
        • Weekly Journaling
        • Four weeks of email support
        • Coaching session valid for 3 months from the booking date to complete package
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    • Get Clarity Package

    • $750

      or 2 payments of $374

        • You will work with a Life Coach for 2 months
        • 8 Private One-on-One phone sessions (up to 60 minutes each) w/ a coach
        • Two, 10 minute short phone sessions - You would use these sessions when you have a quick question or two
        • Weekly Journaling
        • We help you build and develop a solid plan
        • Will share with you tools and activities that may help improve your life
        • Ask questions and will receive personalized answers
        • Email access for the length of your coaching session
        • Coaching session valid for 6 months from the booking date to complete package
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    • I accept the Client Agreement.

    • The Ultimate Package

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        • 18 Private One-on-One phone sessions (can run from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes each) by a coach
        • 10 short “emergency” One-on-One phone sessions (10 minutes each). You will use these phone sessions when you have a question or two or just feeling stuck
        • We help you build and develop a solid plan and help carry it through
        • Ask questions and get personalized answers
        • Includes an assessment
        • You will have the ability to call your coach anytime between 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday should anything important comes up
        • Weekly Journaling
        • Unlimited email access for the length of your coaching session
        • Get help on how to: manage stress, time management, create balance, have a good family life, how to lose weight OR whatever area you need help in.  Your Life Coach will be there to help you work and succeed in those areas you are working to succeed in
        • You will receive coaching, encouragement, be held accountable, and get step by step feedback on your personalized plan
        • Coaching session valid for 12 months from the booking date to complete package
        • This package can be customize for your needs. This is a 6 month package. To help you accomplish some major goals
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    • Group Sessions

    • $500

        • Minimum 5 people but no more than 15 people required to conduct a group session - The group session can either be done by phone or in person if location is in the same city as the life coach
        • Group sessions can be on health, weight loss, fitness, parenting, relationships or anything about life
        • Group session will be up to 2.5 hours long
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Special Engagements

For Speaking Engagements contact us.

Slimdown For Health VIP Package

  • Spend a 5 hour day with me, your Fitness and Health Coach
  • Create a Plan of Action
  • Learn to master your time to be able to exercise
  • During this time you will also work with a top local personal trainer
  • You will learn what food items to have in your refrigerator and pantry
 You must live within 50 miles of where I live or work in order to sign up for the VIP day with me. Use zip code 30336 as a gauge. Contact me for more details