Stop Complaining About Your Life and Do Something About Your Life to Make it Better.

Stop complaining about your life - - it could be a lot worse.  Has anyone ever said that to you?  If so, you probably had one of two reactions - - you wanted to slap them until your hand hurt or you broke down in tears.  It is only human to feel like you have it worse than anyone else does sometimes and the natural inclination is to complain about life.  In fact, everything is relative when it comes to what we are experiencing at any given time in our life.  For example, you may be 100% opposed to buying anything that is not USA made.  However, your only child is getting married and the dress that she wants is by a designer in Paris - - she is your baby and you want her wedding to be perfect, right? That is what I mean by everything being relative.  It is very difficult to assume what we would or would not do when placed in the shoes of another person.


With that being said, life has a way of weighing us down and causing us to focus more on what is going wrong rather than what is going right.  While it may be healthy to complain sometimes or feel as if we are the only ones facing such a heavy burden, it is not healthy to wallow in self-doubt, anxiety and unhappiness.   If you are dissatisfied with your life, then stop complaining and do something about it to make your life better.


1.       Forget and Forgive.  Today is a new day and what happened yesterday is gone.  Forget about the past, forgive those who have wronged you and live today as if it was the last day of your life.  Experience everything today without worry about tomorrow or regrets from your past.  Today is brand new and what you do today is up to you.  If you cheated on your diet yesterday, today you will get it right.  What you do today will affect your future; however, if you worry only about tomorrow you will forget to live today.


2.       Go back to school.  If you are unhappy with your career, go back to school.  The options for higher education are so varied and flexible that almost anyone can fit school into their schedule now (i.e. online colleges, weekend classes, night school, take up a trade, etc.).  Do not waste one more minute in a dead-end job that leaves you depressed and unfulfilled.  Dust off your resume and improve your skills for the job that you want to have rather than the one you have now.


3.       Spend quality time with family and friends.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with the demands of life; however, our friends and family must have some priority in our lives.  Make time to enjoy the company of good friends and family on a regular basis so that you do not forget why you work hard during the week and sacrifice to have a better life.


4.       Get a physical and commit to a healthier lifestyle. It is hard to feel good about anything when your health is in question.  Make an appointment to get a complete physical and make it a priority to have preventative health screenings.  Then, make living a healthy lifestyle a priority by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly.  You will feel better and have more energy which will help you in all areas of your life.


5.       Hire a life coach.  If you need help defining your goals or discovering what changes you need to make in order to have a better life, hire a life coach.  Life coaches help people discover what is most important to them, define goals and formulate action steps to achieve those goals.  They also keep you motivated, accountable and focused on what you want to accomplish in life.


Life is short - - make the most of every day.  If you are unhappy, then make a change.  Acknowledging that you want to change is the first step in changing your life for the better.


Image: Iqbal Osman 1