Tempted to Skip Breakfast…Don’t!!!

When you hear the word diet, you probably think of starving people working out all day. You may also think about the wide variety of unappetizing diet food on the market. Dieting for weight loss should always include tasteful balanced meals, moderate exercise and a complete change in daily behavior.

Skipping meals, most commonly breakfast is a how a lot of people try to cut calories, but this is one of the worst things you can do for several reasons. There plenty of ways to change to a lower daily consumption without feeling starved or deprived of flavorful food.

Breakfast is the best time to eat your heaviest meal, since your body will have more time to burn the calories you consume. Also, skipping breakfast can lead to a high chance of type 2 diabetes  in women and a higher chance of heart disease in men according to the  American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition.

For breakfast instead of a heavy meal of pancakes, bacon, eggs and so on, choose a piece of toast with natural jam, a bowl of whole wheat cereal topped with fruit and a glass of milk or juice. You won’t feel starved but you will have cut back on your calorie intake tremendously.

Your breakfast has the highest amount of nutrition, essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals than any other meal. These are not only needed to give you a bright start on your day, but it also helps regulate your metabolism and even your mood. When you skip breakfast, you are more likely to feel aggravated and stressed, which increases the chemicals in your body that deal with weight gain. In addition, when you feel hungry later in the day due to skipping your morning meal, it is more likely that you will make unhealthy food choices that can cause weight gain and make you even more lethargic as the day wears on.

Making these simple changes to your daily eating habits will have a big effect on your weight and your attitude. You will find after a sort amount of time your clothes are looser and your body feels lighter. Aside from being a way of losing weight fast, the more active we are, the healthier our bodies can stay. Healthy eating habits and physical activity should be a part of everyone’s weekly routine, even if you only fit in about 30 minutes two to three times a week.