The Importance of Thank You Letters

There are two different types of thank you letters and they are both important. There is the “thank you note” which is more personal and is sent out to loved ones and acquaintances in response to gifts, favors, and general services. There is also a “thank you letter” which is more professional and sent out to businesses, clients, potential employers, and other professionals.


The Personal “Thank You Note”

Thank you notes are a great way to instill gratitude in you (everyone needs a friendly reminder to be grateful for the things that they have), and in your children. While it is a very traditional custom, it is one which is dying as the generations go on. I see them less and less. Text messages are sent and mass e-mails are sent, letting loved ones know that their gift was appreciated.

Writing personal thank you notes to each and every person is a great way to make ourselves stop and think about the gift and the person who gave it to us.


The Business “Thank You Letter”

This gives you a great opportunity to reconnect with your potential employer. Think about it, he or she has to interview hundreds of applicants and has to sift through even more resumes and applications. One of the ways that you can stick out after an interview is by writing a thank you letter, thanking him or her for the time and consideration. Bring up something that happened in your interview to help trigger a memory of you as well. It is a great way to show your gratitude, brighten someone’s day, and remind this person of who you are.

It also gives you another format to showcase your talents. Resumes, cover letters, and application forms are very professional. While there can be a casual nature to the cover letter, it is mostly to answer questions. During an interview, the atmosphere is even more professional. Well dressed, appropriate documents in hand, etc. A thank you letter is more personable and casual. It lets your potential employer see another side of you.


Make It Easy

Keep a file box in your office which is filled with cards: funny birthday cards, sentimental anniversary cards, blank thank you cards, etc. Whenever I see a great box of cards at the store or if I see one that reminds me of someone I know, I buy it and place it in the box. I also place a sticky note on the envelope and write a note if it applies “This reminds me of Jake”.

I also like to buy small, generic thank you cards. I fill them out with happy and motivational thoughts and keep a little stack in my purse. When someone does something nice for me or when I feel like someone could use a “pick me up”, I give them a card and wish them a good day.

Keeping a box of thank you cards is a great way to remind yourself to be polite, recall the manners that were taught to you as a child, and pass on a bit of sunshine.


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