Tips on Achieving a Healthy Detox

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight then consider the detox option, you should know that it isn’t easy. When the general public pictures a detox, they see someone go into a room and then come out a month later in perfect shape. It doesn’t really work that way but it can be a great way to starting a healthier lifestyle.

1. Wean off of the food or substance slowly.

No matter if its drugs, sugar, or caffeine, whatever you are detoxing from your body will have side effects from taking that substance away. Taking away caffeine will leave you with horrible headaches and some mild irregularity. You’ll also feel tired and unfocused until your body becomes accustomed to your new habits.

2. Detoxing your bad habits.

This is the healthiest way for you to detox. We all have bad habits when it comes to our health.

Artificial Sweeteners. Cut back slowly. Instead of using two packets in your tea, cut back to one, for a few weeks, then cut to half a packet. You’ll need your taste buds to readjust. If you cut it all too fast, you’ll end up falling off of the wagon. After you’ve cut back to half a packet, swap to a more natural sweetener. Also consider using a small piece of dark chocolate to help curb your sweet tooth and using cinnamon as a sweetener instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Regular sleep habits. Don’t go from sleeping 4 hours from 1AM to 5AM to trying to sleep from 9PM to 5AM. It won’t work. You’ll end up tossing and turning and you could also wind up with a horrendous headache in the morning. Instead, change your habits about an hour at a time until you can find something that works well for you. In addition, work at stopping use of electronic devices an hour or two before you go to bed. Try reading.

Revamp your snacking habits. Boredom is the leading cause of mindless snacking. That and mindless television watching. There are two things that you can do to help curb these bad habits. (1) Prepackage your snacks. Keep them in single serving pouches and never sit with a bag or a big bowl of anything while you’re watching television. (2) Keep yourself from getting bored by keeping busy.

Make dinner at home. It’s easier if you make it a family affair. Give everyone a job and make it a part of your day. In addition, you can also go grocery shopping together so that each one of you can pick healthy snacks that you enjoy. Have each of the kids pick out an interesting new vegetable to try also. If they have a say in what is chosen, they’ll be more likely to try new vegetables.

Detoxing isn’t just about fasting or eating only the color green for an entire week. Detoxing is about cleansing your body of toxins by changing your diet or habits. This includes detoxing from our bad habits.



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