Ways to Improve Your Self Image

Self-esteem isn’t about how many friends or suitors you have. True self-esteem is all about how you feel about yourself. High self-esteem and low self-esteem depends on if you view yourself in a high or low regard. You can have high self-esteem and not be conceited or self-centered. High self-esteem simply means that you do the best you can, you know that you have self-worth, and you accept who you are.


Self image and self-esteem go hand-in-hand. Self-image is how you view yourself. Let’s do a little test. Go look at yourself in the mirror. Doesn’t matter if you have make-up on (actually this works better without make-up). It doesn’t matter if you just rolled out of bed or got home from work and look frazzled.


Okay now really look at yourself. Check out your eyes. What color are they? Take a look at your complexion? How would you describe it? What about your smile and your teeth? Do you feel good about your body? Are you taking care of your health?


When you look at yourself in the mirror, how does it make you feel? Don’t worry about giving a right or wrong answer – just be honest with yourself. If you have a journal, write down your true feelings in your journal.


Over the next month, I want you to do all of these things. You can work them in slowly or you can try them all at once. However, by the end of this month’s time, you should be implementing all of these things:

1. Set realistic expectations of yourself.

2. When you don’t accomplish something, tell yourself it is okay and then try again.

3. Try something new and reward yourself for trying (even if it is not successful).

4. Grab ahold of both your accomplishments and your mistakes (embrace them both).

5. Find your true passions and values and begin to express them.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others.

7. Start bettering yourself by learning new things.

After the month is over, look in the mirror again and write down your true feelings about yourself in your journal. Even in just a month, there should be a change in your perspective if you are truly giving yourself your all.



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