What Are You Focusing On In Life

Having personal and professional goals in your life helps you focus your efforts on what is most important to you.


It may sound silly but I found that having a bucket list helped me focus on the important things. I tried to concentrate on the things that I thought were vital aspects of my life. These were the things that I enjoyed the most and helped me be a better person: learning, giving, love, challenges, expressing myself, and my legacy.


I then thought about the things that I wanted to do before I pass on: writing a book, becoming a successful author and business owner, volunteering my time helping homeless families,  etc. If they fit in one of the categories, then I know that it is truly important to me.


This helped me develop my long term and short term goals. If you think it would help you as well, I challenge you to do the same. Clear out your schedule and spend the day thinking about what is important to you and what things you would put on your list. Then look at what you are putting your efforts toward. Do your efforts lead to things that make you happy and do they help you fulfill the needs and wants on your list?


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J. Bernardo

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