What’s On Your Bucket List?

Life is short; grab the bull by the horns. Stop and smell the roses!!! Live each day as if it were your last.  I could go on and on but you get the idea.  We never know how much time we may have before we are no longer able to do whatever we want.  Whether it is financial reasons, health reasons or, as all of us are destined to do, we pass away, there will come a time when we are no longer able to do whatever we want.


While writing this blog, I spelled checked my work and found that my word processing software believes I should change “grab the bull by the horns” to “resolutely deal with the problem.”  I believe that is a fitting way to express that we all need to have a Bucket List.  In other words, what do you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket (or maybe you want to really kick a bucket)?


It is important that we have dreams and goals for our lives and those should not be limited to what we can financially afford to do right at this moment or what we are physically capable of doing at this moment.  Your Bucket List should include everything that you can imagine that you would want to do if you had unlimited funds, energy and talents.


On the other side of that coin, your Bucket List should also include all of the little things that you have been putting off until another day.  It may be as simple as having a picnic in the park with your family or adopting a pet from the animal shelter.  The problem with a Bucket List that only has huge, imaginative goals is that you may never accomplish any of them (and then again, you might accomplish them all).


However, by creating a Bucket List that combines things that will expand your horizons and challenge you in ways you can only dream of with things that are within your comfort zone and that will bring you joy but you have been putting off because you never find the time, your Bucket List will be a list that reminds you to enjoy the little things while continuing to dream.


My Fabulous Bucket List – Top 27 Edition


  1. Create a Bucket List
  2. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter
  3. Fly in a hot air balloon (I am deathly afraid of heights)
  4. Spend the day at a spa with my best friend
  5. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day
  6. Visit Hawaii
  7. See the Washington Monument
  8. Start a non-profit
  9. Learn to ride a skateboard (try not to break any bones)
  10. Visit Scotland and convince my husband to wear a kilt (do not forget the camera)
  11. Volunteer my time for a worthy cause
  12. Watch the Top 25 movies from the ‘80s (what can I say, I am ‘80s child)
  13. Learn a foreign language (counting to 10 in Spanish with my child while watching Sesame Street does not count)
  14. Be self-employed
  15. Sing karaoke with my husband at a outing
  16. Have a midnight picnic with my husband and children on the beach
  17. Sponsor a child for college
  18. Ride the tallest roller coaster (again with the height thing)
  19. Go scuba diving in the Caribbean(can’t swim)
  20. Pet a tiger
  21. Live on a yacht for a week
  22. Hire a chef to cook my breakfast, lunch, & dinner
  23. Build a tree house (for me and the kids)
  24. Make one batch of cookies from scratch that are edible
  25. Learn to play a musical instrument
  26. Do a half marathon
  27. Compete in www.toughmudder.com


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Image Credit:  davekentuk