You Define Your Own Destiny – Finding a Path That Leads You In The Right Direction

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are in control of our own destiny.  As life tosses us one problem after another, it may be difficult to remain focused on our goals and ambitions.  However, the truth remains that we are in control of our own destiny.  We have a choice to make each time life hands us a problem and that choice will either take us in the direction of our goal or lead us down another path that takes us farther away from our chosen destiny.  It may sound rather corny but when life tosses out a bucket of lemons, there are people who make lemonade and there are others who simply drown in the acidic sourness of the situation.  Those who choose to take something negative and turn it into a positive are the ones that are committed to making lasting changes in their lives to achieve their destiny.


Turn passion into profits


What are you passionate about?  What do you do during your free time on weekends, evenings and on vacation?  Can you turn this into a career or a business opportunity?  Not every passion will result in a great business opportunity or career; however, by listing your passions, your hobbies and the activities that give you the most satisfaction can help you narrow and focus your decisions and goals to include those passions when choosing the path to your destiny.  You may need to keep your day job as your work on turning passions into profits; however, taking a step each day toward this goal helps you realize your own destiny instead of simply making someone else’s destiny a reality by working toward his or her (your employer’s) goals each day.


Define goals to reach your destination


Without goals, you will never realize your destiny.  We can compare this to driving in a new city without a map or directions - - you may travel many miles but never reach your final destination.  Goals give us a pre-determined destination that enables us to make decisions and take actions that will assist us in reaching that destination.  Reaching your destiny is only possible when you are able clearly to define short-tem, intermediate and long-term goals that are so important to you that you are willing to make them a priority in your life and take the necessary steps to achieve each goal.


Action is power and power turns dreams into destiny


You have dreamed about your destiny when you listed your passions and you took steps toward achieving your destiny by setting goals.  Now it is time to take action.  As discussed above, do something each day to make dreams a reality.  Mark off something on your to-do list each day that takes you one step closer to completely a goal.  With each step you take, you are closer to defining your own destiny.  Having a defined destiny is only beneficial if you work on goals that take you to your destination.


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