7 Ways to Experience More Joy in Your Life

Joy, it is a beautiful word, isn’t it? When was the last time you felt absolute joy? It’s probably been a while, hasn’t it? There are ways to bring that feeling back into your life, however. Let’s look at 7 ways you can experience more joy in your life today.


  1. Look for joy through prayer and meditation – You can find joy in some of the most unexpected places, one of which is meditation or prayer. Regular meditation and prayer can bring you a sense of peace and relief from your problems, not to mention filling you with sheer joy at just being alive.
  2. Be alone with nature – When you enter nature, such as a woodland, beach, or a walking trail, you are filled with a sense of oneness, of unity. This can also be a great source of joy.
  3. Have fun - Try engaging yourself in an activity, no matter what that might be, just for the sake of doing it. Not for competition, not with a goal in mind, with no thoughts of how you can make money from it. Just do something for the sheer pleasure of it such as running down the beach, playing fetch with your dog, dancing in your kitchen with your kids or dance by yourself, or looking at beautiful pieces of art in a museum.
  4. Love yourself – Joy does not come from an outside source (usually) but from within yourself. You won’t feel joy very often if you don’t love and honor yourself first. It’s not selfish to think about yourself sometimes. How can you give to others if you don’t give to yourself first?
  5. Look for good in other people - People often find what they are looking for. So look for the good in people, the kindness people have shown you, and the trust you share with friends and you will surely find more of the same.
  6. Relax – Our lives are often so busy, we barely have time to eat, let alone feel joyful. Take mini breaks during your day. Try 3 minutes every hour to breathe deeply, go outside for a moment to gather your thoughts or look out the window and see all the beautiful things these things can do much to calm ourselves inside.
  7. Celebrate the little things – We often attach big meanings to certain events, such as birthdays and Christmas, but we fail to celebrate the little things, and it’s those small things that actually make life pleasurable.


These are just a few ways to fill your life with more joy, taking a positive outlook on life is always the best way to remain happy regardless of the circumstances. Enjoy life…




 Photo credit Ideaforumgroup.com