Be Unstoppable In Your Business and Life


If someone told you to be unstoppable in your business and life, what would you say to them?  Would you tell them that you are living up to your potential and you are completely satisfied with both your business life and your personal life.  Maybe you would respond that you know you need to work harder but are pretty happy right now.  Some would respond by asking, “How can I be unstoppable in business and in life?”


The key to being unstoppable is to have momentum.  Momentum is defined as the quantity of motion of a moving object and the impetus gained by a moving object.  In other words, momentum is a state of movement.  Gaining momentum means that you are moving forward and gaining speed as you go.  So how do you create the lasting passion and fulfillment within your career and your life that will keep you moving forward - - the cycle of momentum.


The Cycle of Momentum


Below is the cycle of momentum as it relates to being unstoppable in your business and life.  Once you jump into this cycle, each element will feed into the next to give you motivation to keep moving and accomplishing your goals.


  • Potential – Potential is defined as the capacity to develop into something in the future.  Sometimes potential is referred to as unrealized ability.  You must first accept that within you is the potential to do anything that you desire provided that you are committed to doing whatever it takes to reach your goals.  Potential is also the basic belief that we have in our own abilities.  If you are having trouble believing in yourself, make a list your qualities including everything that you know how to do.  You may be surprised at how many talents you possess.


  • Goals – In order to start moving and keep moving, you must know where you are going.  Moving without any real direction is simply a waste of time and energy.  Therefore, set short-term and long-term goals for your business and personal life.  Having goals helps you remain focused and helps you establish a plan of action that will turn your visions into reality.


  • Action – Potential and goals are useless without action.  Action is the driving force behind momentum.  Having a sound business plan will net you nothing if you do not take actions to put that plan into motion.  As you take steps to reach each of your goals, you will gain momentum and find encouragement through each of your successes.


  • Results – As you continue on the path to reach your goals, each action you take will bring you one step closer to reaching your goals.  The positive results motivate you to continue moving toward the next step.  You feel inspired to use your potential to set new goals and then take action to see results.  The cycle will continue as you keep gaining momentum.


Becoming unstoppable in business and life begins with realizing your potential.  You have it within you to reach your goals but you must first accept that you have the potential.  Visualize what you want in business and in life and then set about creating a plan to turn those visions into reality.


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Image Credit: TPierce