How Random Acts of Kindness Can Boost Your Happiness Level


In an article by US News, it is stated that performing acts of kindness can boost your happiness level. This is great news since that means that performing acts of kindness can benefit the person who is receiving kindness as well as the person who is performing it.

In the article, they also state that the correlation of “acts of kindness” and “happiness level” are a bit fuzzy. Researchers know that it happens but it does so at different rates and different acts do different things for people. Helping an elderly woman with her groceries might make one person extremely happy but it might not have the same effect on someone else.

So the key to using acts of kindness to your benefit is to experiment to see which acts make you happier. It’s also worthwhile to note that performing a random act of kindness can boost your mood if you are feeling down. I know firsthand.

When I’m feeling down because my day (or week) just hasn’t gone right, I go out and do something nice for someone. It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate act, though it can be if you have the time and energy for it. Here are some examples of random acts of kindness that I like to do in order to boost my mood or to gain a little bit more clarity:

Something Quick and Simple:

  • Write out inspiring quotes onto bright cards and leave them for strangers
  • Start a “Pay It Forward” at my favorite café
  • Compliment five people right now
  • Tell someone why you love them
  • Leave a compliment for an employee to his or her boss
  • Bring in something nice for the office
  • When you go somewhere (like for a coffee run) ask the people around you if you can pick something up for them

When I’m looking for a long term volunteer project:

  • Volunteer at your local homeless shelter
  • Organize “emergency packs” or “wellness packs” for homeless people who are asking for money
  • Volunteer at your local literacy organization
  • Use your skill or passion to help someone
  •  Take photographs for an organization
  •  Knit scarves for the homeless
  •  Sew softies to donate to your local fire station (for the kids that they rescue)
  • Make extra copies of your favorite photographs and send the copies to the people in the photographs
  • Set up a time where you can regularly volunteer for a cause that you feel passionate about
  • Volunteer at your local emergency center (fire and rescue stations are always looking for volunteers and they often provide the training that you need to be qualified)

Volunteering and providing acts of kindness has always been a passion of mine. My parents instilled the importance of kindness in me when I was young and it has always stuck with me. I volunteer for fun (or even when I’m not feeling up to it).




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