Seven Awesome Tips To Stay In Shape

If you resolved to stay in shape and have a healthier lifestyle in 2014, you are not alone.  Over one-half of all New Year’s resolutions deal with having a healthier lifestyle or losing weight.  However, because many of us are balancing a career, a family and a social life, finding a way to fit exercise into our daily routine can be difficult.  Trips to the gym may not fit into your role as a parent, spouse, employee, etc.

If you cannot find time to make it to the gym, do not worry.  We have easy tips for staying in shape that work for everyone.  You can stay in shape even without a gym membership by following these practical tips for losing weight, exercising and staying in shape.


1.  Being a parent is a great way to exercise.  If your children participate in a sport, get involved by helping them practice.  You would be surprised how many calories you burn and how easy it is to stay in shape when you are playing a sport.  If you have young children, pull them in a wagon as you walk around the neighborhood, let them ride their bicycles as you jog or push them in a jogging stroller.  Fitting in your exercise routine is easy when you combine it with time spent with your children.

 2. Getting to work can be a real workout.  Not everyone can ride a bicycle to work or walk to their office; however, most of us can get off the bus two or three stops from our office building, park in the lower parking lot or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  While this is not a complete workout, doing this every day helps you stay in shape, feel better and get more work accomplished because you have more energy.

 3. Make a date to stay in shape.  Change your way of thinking about date night.  Instead of going to dinner and a movie, take a dance class, go bowling or ice-skating.  Dancing is a wonderful way to stay in shape while having fun and spending time with your significant other.

 4. The early bird stays in shape.  Get up 15 to 30 minutes before the rest of your family and use this time for yourself.  Go for a walk or run, do some stretching or yoga or pop in an exercise DVD and do some aerobics.  Just three or four mornings a week will give you a great cardio workout, keep you in shape and increase your energy for the day ahead.

 5. Give up your diet.  People who are in great shape do not diet - - they eat a healthy, balanced diet rather than following the current fad diet.  You must make healthy eating a priority as part of your goal to stay in shape.  ChooseMyPlate by the USDA has tips, information and meal plans for following a healthy diet to stay in shape.

 6. You must get enough sleep.  People who are in great physical shape will tell you that one of their best secrets is a good night’s sleep.  To stay healthy and fit, your body must have sufficient sleep to give you the energy you need to exercise.  Sleep also helps repair your body and regulate your metabolism.  Adults seeking to be fitter, healthier and happier should shoot for seven to 8 hours of sleep each night.

7. Have a support system.  Having an exercise partner will keep you motivated and give you some accountability.  Whether it is your family, a co-worker or a friend, get everyone in your life involved and committed to a healthy lifestyle.  When you are surrounded by others who are committed to staying fit, you will be less likely to give up on a worthy goal.


Remember, you can find ways to stay in shape at home, find fun ways to stay in shape with your family and have the healthy life you want by setting goals and working toward those goals each day.


Image: Melody Campbell