Things You Can Learn From Your Kids

Do you have kids? Are you around children? If you can’t experience the joys of children (no, they aren’t just a messy, crying, obnoxious mini-person), you’re missing out on a great learning experience. There are lessons that adults teach children and lessons that we can learn from the innocence of children that we can benefit from as well. They are a wonderful inspiration and reminder of what we should be like.

Be A Good Role Model

When we are in front of children, our behaviors change. We have to be good role models. We don’t swear. We aren’t excessively loud. We don’t do inappropriate things. We generally show them what kind of people we want them to grow up into.

So why do we revert back to our inappropriate un-role-model-like behaviors when we aren’t around kids? Shouldn’t we try to be good people all of the time?

Be Generous

Kids will often find the silliest things to give you as presents. At the time, it may appear to be adorable and pointless but think about it for a second. They found joy in that pretty rock that they found on the ground. They thought it was beautiful in its simplicity and thought that they should share that joy with you. It’s quite a fantastic concept: generosity. This brings me to the next lesson…

The Simple Things

Remember back when you would have thought that the rock was pretty cool too? Those were the days; when we didn’t have to worry about the latest trends in appliances, gadgets or paying bills.  As we’ve grown older (for most of us), our tastes have become more expensive and extravagant. When we found joy in the simpler things, we found more joy around us. That is a great feeling, to be able to be happy with what you have.

They love the movies that they’ve seen over and over again. They want you to read them the same book every night. They love their toys and treat them like we treat our shiny, new toys.

These days, our expensive taste and extravagant “wants” are being passed down to our kids and at a younger age. Toddlers are running around with their parent’s iPhones and iPads. Instead of playing the box that the toys came in, kids are already looking for the next addition and expansion for their toys. Instead of our kids finding joy in the simple things and teaching us this wonderful feeling, we are teaching them the power of materialism.

They Are Shameless

They march to the beat of their own drums. They dance. They sing. They are unbashful. They make up their own wild stories. They haven’t learned fear or shame yet. And if they have learned fear, they will tell you when they are scared of something. They’ll even come to your bedroom at night and tell you that they are afraid of what’s under their bed. Believe it you can learn from your kids. So learn.

J. Bernardo

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